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Aloha and welcome to Kauai Guided Tours! The Garden Island is the oldest of the main Hawaiian islands and is considered by many to be the most beautiful with lush green landscaping, miles of golden sand beaches and magnificent waterfalls. Combine that with the best weather on the planet and a relatively small local population (about 70,000 residents) you have a unique and beloved paradise! Our laid back country living comes complete with lots of wild chickens! In addition to Kauai’s natural beauty our unique plantation culture and aloha spirit can still be felt here. You will learn all about it and much more as we explore Kauai together.

Our Best Of Kauai tour is ideal for first time visitors and those who want to see Kauai’s best places. These private tours are customized for you and your group. The day goes at your pace and we only go to the types of places that interest you the most. I provide beach towels, bottled waters and bring a nice camera for taking your pictures along the way. The photos are sent to you afterwards via e-mail!

We design the day together based on what you want to see and do. In addition to visiting our beautiful places we can stop for getting in the water, shopping for local made products, visiting special places and all kinds of things. As we explore Kauai together we can talk about all of the amazing things that make Kauai such a special place including our unique plants, animals, history, local culture, and even what it’s like to live on Kauai. After a day with us you will begin to love Kauai as much as we do and will have a fantastic list of places to return and spend time at.

For lunch we can choose from a variety of local eateries depending on what you like – anything from food trucks to feet on the sand fine dining. We can also visit local fruit stands and farmers markets to try some of Kauai’s delicious seasonal fruit including our famous apple bananas. After a day of exploring it is also nice to stop for a Hawaiian shave ice, fruit smoothie, coffee or other local treat. Its your special day so we can do whatever you want!

Erik Burton
Erik BurtonOwner/Kauai Tour Guide

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Aloha! I started this private Kauai tour company to offer an alternative experience to the big bus tours and their preset itineraries. As an avid explorer, researcher, hiker, and amateur naturalist I am passionate about all things Kauai and enjoy sharing this with our visitors!

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